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Press Release: 10/19/2020




October 19, 2020

San Diego, CA, United States- Last week, Senate Leader McConnell rejected a $1.8 trillion-dollar stimulus bill that was supported by the President and both parties in Congress. On Sunday, Nancy Pelosi, United States Speaker of the House, had given a 48hr deadline to approve a stimulus deal before the elections. The Entertainment Small Business Alliance, a non-profit organization that represents Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the Arts and Entertainment Industry, responds to these actions.

“The decision made by Senate Leader McConnell was very disappointing and prevented what would have furthered the PPP loans, stimulus checks and other resources needed to help sustain the private and public sector, fix supply chains, retain jobs and prepare for an uncertain road to recovery,” states Jocelyn Celaya, President of The Entertainment Small Business Alliance. “After contributing to the original language in the CARES Act by writing framework and policy for economic security and strategy, it is unfortunate that my efforts were not furthered to successfully be implemented in a second round of resources. In addition to also being a musician and small business owner, an incredible amount of creativity and leadership was invested in developing a functional design that meets the expectations of the US Government and companies for deploying policies that project a radicand shape recovery for the overall US economy. Regardless, I am optimistic that enough members from both political parties will enter into a legislative neutral zone for a comprehensive stimulus bill to be passed swiftly so we can breathe in this current consequential time frame”.

Despite many businesses reopening and jobs resuming, the financial damage remains. Many are working tirelessly to stay afloat and the wait for resources is becoming an unbearable and unhealthy environment.