What is the SBA Community Advantage Loan for the Arts and  Entertainment Industry?

The SBA’s Community Advantage Loan for the Arts and Entertainment Industry is a new application to an existing SBA loan product that provides working capital of up to $250,000 and up to an 85% loan guarantee for small businesses in the Arts and Entertainment Industry.

​To provide working capital for small businesses in the arts/entertainment industry; including but not limited to: assisting in the release of a commercial product and/or the fulfillment of contracts with companies for marketing, distribution and licensing services while maintaining transparency, ownership, and accountability through standard business practices.

Why is This Loan So Important?

The U.S. is the global leader in Arts and Entertainment and the platform for small businesses to conduct business both domestically and globally is ever changing. Through this loan package, we aim to support the needs of small businesses in arts and entertainment by making financing more accessible, strengthening the arts and entertainment small business ability to compete, and recognizing the value of Intellectual Property as well as Research and Development as business assets.

How Funds May be Used

Eligible uses include - but are not limited to: 

  • 􀂋 Acquire furnishings and fixtures 
  • 􀂋 Acquire equipment and machinery 
  • 􀂋 Ancillary expenses 
  • 􀂋 Buy an existing business 
  • 􀂋 Buy or renovate a building 
  • 􀂋 Live performance and touring 
  • 􀂋 Product creation and development 
  • 􀂋 Provide working capital 
  • 􀂋 Purchase inventory and materials 
  • 􀂋 Purchase supplies 
  • 􀂋 Refinance existing business debt (in certain cases only, and conditions apply) 
  • 􀂋 Start-Ups!

Eligibility Requirements Highlights

  •  Registered and located in the United States 
  •  Operating for-profit business 
  •  Demonstrate need for capital and ability to repay loan 
  •  Meet size standards: Earnings less than $7.5 million in revenue (NOTE: Earnings and employee requirements vary by  sector/NAICS Code) 
  • 􀂋 Have reasonable credit score and credit history 
  • 􀂋 Not engaged in a prohibited business activity

Who May Apply?

Over 800 different types of business are eligible to apply that provide the following products and services: 

  • Applied Design 
  • Broadcasting 
  • Data Processing, Hosting and Related Services 
  • Distribution, Retail and Archives 
  • Entertainment/Artist Services 
  • Entertainment Venues 
  • Filmed Entertainment 
  • Licensing 
  • Manufacturing/Physical Products 
  • Media Arts 
  • Music 
  • Performing Arts 
  • Publishing and Non-Publishing 
  • Video Games 
  • Visual Arts

How to Get Started

To learn more and see if your business is ready to apply, register your business HERE  and contact us today!